About Us

      At MegaFroxUSA our goal is to bring these beautiful, handcrafted fishing lures to the masses. Developed in Thailand and sold worldwide, MegaFrox Premium Fishing Lures are designed based on inspiration from actual species found in nature. For over 10 years, MegaFrox fishing lures have proven to be a reliable and extremely durable fish catching tool against some of the worlds largest and toughest fish.

     Our highly skilled creator crafts each original lure design by hand, for unmatched detail. Every single lure produced is a replica of his fine artwork. Proudly molded by hand for quality, then carefully hand-painted by highly trained artists, we provide a finished product that is truly unique and will never be duplicated.

     These premium quality fishing lures are made with a durable non-toxic resin-based body, high-quality non-toxic paint that is tough against chips and nicks, strong stainless steel through-wires, and super-sharp hooks. 

     MegaFrox lures are produced and sold with the consumer in mind. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We stand by our products and look forward to supplying you with what we feel are the best fishing lures in the world.